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Articles about War and Peace.

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1. American Empire (0)
Articlesa bout the US empire. 2021-10-12
2. Propmoting Peace (0)
News about groups prmoting peace. 2021-10-20
3. Israel (0)
Articles about Israel. I generally try to not pay much attention to Israel. 2021-10-12
4. Nuclear Arms (0)
Articles about Nuclear Arms 2021-10-12
5. Military (0)
Specificaly about the US Military 2021-11-08
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7. Saudi Arabia (0)
8. Arms Industry (0)
All about weapons production. 2021-10-26
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15. Kazakhstan, Chevron, US and Russia (0)
If Kazakhstan were not a major oil producer, the world would not be paying much attention to their protests. We have multiple players. The government is dictatorial and corrupt and allied with Russia. Wealth inequality hurts the people, particularly in the provinces. Chevron is the major oil producer. The US and UK want to expand Western influence. Putin wants to expand his influence. 2022-01-06
16. Korea (0)
17. Sanctions Kill (1)
1.  People Worldwide Name US as a Major Threat to World Peace. Here’s Why.  


Truth Out
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From the perspective of humanity and the planet, the war on terror has been catastrophic in its levels of destruction.
2.  Beijing Says US Lacks ‘Transparency and Responsibility’ on Submarine Accident  


Antiwar dot com
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The US deployed a spy plane that detects radioactive debris The post Beijing Says US Lacks ‘Transparency and Responsibility’ on Submarine Accident appeared first on News From Antiwar.com.