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Proxy War

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1.  How the Super Rich Are Preparing for the End of the World  

When the apocalypse hits, the super rich and wealthy will have priority treatment because they've paid top dollar for their survival

2.  Hardly Anyone Is Thinking Logically About The Risk Of Nuclear War  


Caitlin Johnstone
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Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved its symbolic Doomsday Clock to ninety seconds to midnight, the closest it has ever been set since its founding after the second world war. Chief among their reasons for […]

3.  Henry Kissinger Calls for Negotiated Peace in Ukraine to Avoid World War  


Antiwar dot com
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Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has again come out in favor of negotiations to end the war in Ukraine in an article for The Spectator titled “How to Avoid Another World War.” Kissinger said that he “repeatedly expressed my support for the allied military effort to thwart Russia’s aggressio...

4.  US Will More Than Double Its Training Program for Ukrainian Troops  


Antiwar dot com
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The Pentagon is planning a major expansion of the number of Ukrainian troops that it will train in Germany and aims to start the new program in early 2023, US officials told The New York Times on Thursday. The expanded program will enable the US military to train up to 800 Ukrainian troops each month...

5.  Did Putin Just Make a Nuclear War Threat Over Ukraine Again?  


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Putin Warned That Ukraine War Could Be Lengthy And Nukes Are an Option: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said that he could not state unequivocally that Russia would not use a nuclear weapon except in retaliation – and suggested that any promise to never use weapons of mass destruction wa...

6.  Nigeria's President Says West-Supplied Weapons In Ukraine Are 'Filtering' Into Africa  


Zero Hedge News
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Nigeria's President Says West-Supplied Weapons In Ukraine Are 'Filtering' Into Africa The Nigerian government says that foreign-supplied weapons transferred from the West to the Ukrainian government have begun to proliferate in the west African region. The illegal arms have begun to “filter” to the region...

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