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Ukraine Dictatorship

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1.  Ukrainian Students not Allowed to study  


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Since September 14, 2022, Ukrainian Students are denied the right to leave the country to continue their education.

2.  One Ukrainian democratic socialist’s opinion on the war  


The Real News Network
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Vladyslav Starodubtsev is a historian of Central and Eastern Europe, and a member of Sotsyalnyi Rukh, a Ukrainian organization that unites the democratic left.

3.  Zelensky and NATO Plan to Transform Post-War Ukraine into Hyper-militarized Police State  


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The NATO-backed Atlantic Council has proposed apartheid Israel as a blueprint for a hyper-militarized Ukraine. The paper was authored by Obama’s former ambassador to Tel Aviv, now an Israeli spy-tech consultant.

4.  Zelensky is literally selling Ukraine to US corporations on Wall Street  


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Ukraine's Western-backed leader Volodymyr Zelensky opened the New York Stock Exchange telling Wall Street his country is “open” for foreign corporations to exploit it with $400 billion in state selloffs. The post Zelensky is literally selling Ukraine to US corporations on Wall Street appeared first o...

5.  Zelensky rings New York Stock Exchange bell as Euro dips below dollar  


The Gray zone
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As the Ukraine proxy war triggers economic crisis across the West. Zelensky has kicked of a campaign inviting foreign investors to plunder his country and is crushing the labor rights of his citizens. Ukrainian President and part-time celebrity endorsement-provider Volodymyr Zelensky rang the bell a...

6.  Ukraine’s anti-worker law comes into effect  


The Real News Network
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Law 5371, which strips back labour protections, has been ratified. Is there more to come?

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