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3 recommended articles and videos in the "Zelensky" category.
1.  Ukraine's Zelensky Angry Over Leaks Coming From His Government  


Zero Hedge News
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Ukraine's Zelensky Angry Over Leaks Coming From His Government Authored by Kyle Anzalone & Will Porter via The Libertarian Institute, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has voiced frustration with unnamed officials from his own government for speaking with the press. During his daily briefing o...

2.  “These are animals, not people”: Zelensky frees convicted child rapists, torturers to reinforce depleted military  


The Gray zone
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Once condemned by Ukrainian officials and imprisoned for sadistic torture and the rape of minors, leaders of the notorious Tornado Battalion are free under Volodymyr Zelensky’s orders. After banning virtually his entire political opposition, publishing a blacklist of foreign journalists and academic...

3.  'We Must Find an Agreement': Zelenskyy Calls for Direct Talks With Putin  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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“I am ready to speak with Putin, but only with him, without his intermediaries and on the terms of dialogue, and not ultimatums,” said the Ukrainian president.

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