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US Ukraine Relations

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22 recommended articles and videos in the "US Ukraine Relations" category.
1.  Weaponization of immigration policy: Ukrainians welcomed, refugees of US wars abused  


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Washington is expediting the entry of Ukrainians while abusing and deporting thousands of migrants and refugees, including children, who fled US wars and destructive interventionist policies. The hypocrisy exposes the racism of US immigration laws. The post Weaponization of immigration policy: Ukrainian...

2.  There's an easy way to help Ukraine without military escalation: cancel its foreign debt | Owen Jones  


The Guardian
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A country battered and bruised by Russia’s invading forces needs space to breathe – not demands from hedge fundsA bloodied man empties his wallet to his creditor while being mercilessly attacked by an unprovoked assailant. This is the plight of Ukraine, which recently made a scheduled interest paymen...

3.  The Only ‘Agency’ Ukraine Has Is The Central Intelligence Kind  


Caitlin Johnstone
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Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ “You’re denying the agency of Ukrainians!” This is a line you’ve probably had bleated at you by propagandized empire livestock if you’ve engaged in online debate about the role western powers have played in paving the way […]

4.  Send US Troops to Fight Russia in Ukraine? Americans Say No Way  


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In July last year, a survey by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs concluded that roughly 50% of the American public believed that the United States should send troops into Ukraine in the event that Russia invaded the country. Some 48% of respondents categorically opposed the deployment of troops t...

5.  If what Putin’s army is doing to Ukraine right this minute isn’t terror, what is it?  


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By fumbling and bumbling and hesitating and stalling and arguing and fiddling and politicking and treating the world like everything was peachy keen, Europe and the U.S. and the NATO alliance missed its chance to include Ukraine as a member, and now they are all alone against the third or fourth bigges...

6.  This White House Official Explains How We're Not Serious About Ukraine  


Confessions of a Political Junkie
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This is the Deputy National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. His answer here shows that the United States and Europe are not really invested in stopping Vladimir Putin. Daleep Singh says we will do nothing to stop Russia from exporting its energy products.

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