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Regenerative Agriculture

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1.  Preventing Climate Disaster in Africa: Eritrea Leads the Way  


Counter Punch
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As what is mainly a western caused climate disaster continues to hammer Africa, with tens of millions facing famine and starvation in the Horn of Africa, the small, underdeveloped country of Eritrea is leading the fight to prevent this from happening. Eritrea is doing this by aggressively carrying ou...

2.  In Oregon, farmers are revamping century-old irrigation canals to stem water loss  


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Converting irrigation ditches into pipelines can save water — and create a new source of renewable energy.

3.  Support Holistic Management & Regenerative Agriculture | Savory Institute  


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We're a Global Movement of RegenerativeFarmers & Land ManagersOur NetworkConscientiousConsumers & BrandsLand to MarketCommittedChampions &

4.  From the Ground Up  

Inspired by Charles Massy's best-selling book ;Call of the Reed Warbler', filmmaker Amy Browne set out across the dry farming country of South East NSW to meet Massy and the other trailblazing farmers bringing new life to their land. Jul 29, 2019 Via @FaithSlayer202

2022-08-20 PermaLink
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5.  Some cities reimburse residents for the costs of rain gardens or cisterns  


Yale Universities Climate Connections
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But the programs can be difficult for low-income households to access. The post Some cities reimburse residents for the costs of rain gardens or cisterns appeared first on Yale Climate Connections.

6.  What is Regenerative Agriculture?  

Regenerative agriculture is an effective way to restore biodiversity and stabilize the climate, but what exactly is it? This video explores three different regenerative practices that have great potential both in food production and in healing the land. By @ceisenstein Via @FaithSlayer202. 4 minutes.

2022-05-17 PermaLink
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