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Nancy Pelosi says all the right things, but her policies are terrible, and she is so corrupt. This video shows you how nice she is, but then reminds you about how she does not accomplish any progressive progress. And then there is the issue of insider trading...

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1.  Pentagon Just Admitted They're Unaccountable  

Quite funny, good information, and short. First 30 seconds are a little slow

2022-01-15 PermaLink
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2.  Texas Democrats are successfully suing to kick Green Party candidates off the November ballot  


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Democrats won legal rulings Wednesday blocking Green Party nominees for U.S. Senate, railroad commissioner and the 21st Congressional District from appearing on the November ballot.
3.  Find Your County Green Party | Green Party of California (GPCA)  


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On this map you can click into your local Green Party and contact them.
4.  Newsom stops short of single-payer health care — but lawmakers forge ahead  


View In: Will the Healthcre Funded Democrats really implement CalCare?
Don’t ask Gov. Gavin Newsom about Democratic lawmakers’ proposal to create a state-funded single-payer health care system — he hasn’t read it.
5.  In Plain Sight: The Rise of Corporate Democrats in California  


View In: Will the Healthcre Funded Democrats really implement CalCare?
When Californians elected Democratic supermajorities in the state Assembly and Senate in 2012, many expected to see a new era marked by progressive policies on everything from the economy to the environment to education. While some change has come, it’s not the kind most voters envisioned when they left the polling booth two years ago. A central reason, as Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Gary Cohn reveals in this first article of a new series, is the emergence of the Corporate Democrat, who is not a traditional moderate but an enabler of big developers, gambling concerns, insurance companies and other interests. With the continuing decline of the Republican Party in the nation’s largest state, the Corporate Democrat promises to shape California politics and policies for years to come. Marin County is one of California’s most liberal regions and, with its iconic redwoods and stunning coastline, it is also a power center for environmental activism.
6.  The Text of AB-1400 Guaranteed Health Care for All.  


View In: Will the Healthcre Funded Democrats really implement CalCare?
This is the California Legislature's web site. The text of the bill is preceded by a summary.