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Climate Change

Uncensored information about what is happening with climate change.

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1.  Featured: It’s worse than we are told: Why science communication is conservative  

Scientists have a very high evidence level required to prove climate change, and the carbon lobby attacks their results whenever possible. The IPCC and research funding is very politically controlled, and the models ignore important phenomenon. It starts with the interviewer explaining how activism cures climate depression.

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2.  Featured: Lake Mead Drought Update!!! What's Going On?!!!  

Video evidence of how fast Lake Meade is shrinking, going all the way back to 2000. Produced by people who drive pick up trucks to pull their power boats. Of course not a word about climate change, not even in the comments. In the middle they get sidetracked by rescuing a stranded truck. Maybe skip that part.

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3.  Featured: What happens if the world warms up by 2°C?  

2 degrees celcius temperature rise will be pretty bad. And of course the climate crisis is progressing much much faster than the experts predict.

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4.  Featured: The Arctic Meltdown: Why It Matters to Us All  

A brilliant explanation of the causes of extreme weather events. She connects what is happening in the Arctic to well known climate disasters. Superb graphics. 2021. Via @PaulHbeckwith

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5.  Featured: Siberia's sinkholes: What they may mean for climate  

A 5 minute overview of what is happening with Methane in the arctic. There is a big difference between generally knowing, and actually seeing the images. What will it be like in the next decade?

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6.  Featured: Europe's Plan to Reduce Energy Consumption  


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Europe is committed by law, and by fear of Russia, to reduce its energy consumption by 55% by 2030. They have a wide range of policy initiatives to support the transition Here you can read the details.

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