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Adapive Farming

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17 recommended articles and videos in the "Adapive Farming" category.
1.  Living With The Land Part 6  

They run a sustainable farm without using fertilizer or pesticides. 'The greater the diversity of insects you have on a site, the less any one insect species will become a problem.'

2.  Cuba’s Urban Farming Revolution: How to Create Self-Sufficient Cities  


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Havanas’s unique agricultural infrastructure emerged from punishing trade sanctions following the fall of the USSR but today provides an exemplary precedent that could be applied worldwide.

4.  How to Fix a Broken Ecosystem  

Fighting climate change requires restoring ecosystems. Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison explains the process for repairing a degraded ecosystem. We begin with the metrics for assessing ecosystem health, and then go over the steps to triggering biological activity and ecological succession. Via @FaithSlayer202@Twitter.com

5.  Support Holistic Management & Regenerative Agriculture | Savory Institute  


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We're a Global Movement of RegenerativeFarmers & Land ManagersOur NetworkConscientiousConsumers & BrandsLand to MarketCommittedChampions &

6.  From the Ground Up  

Inspired by Charles Massy's best-selling book ;Call of the Reed Warbler', filmmaker Amy Browne set out across the dry farming country of South East NSW to meet Massy and the other trailblazing farmers bringing new life to their land. Jul 29, 2019 Via @FaithSlayer202

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