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Planting Water

Also called capturing or harvesting water.

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1.  Featured: Managing Rainfall  

We need to quit draining water, causing downstream floods, and start capturing water, and preserving ecosystems to help capture that water. A very different and needed perspective on water management. Also trees increase rainfall.

2.  How the UN is Holding Back the Sahara Desert  

Harvestigng rainwater to build the Great Green Wall of Africa.

3.  How Farmers Reshaped a Region and Solved Drought  

It is phenomenal what Indians in this village have accomplised over 45 years by planting water.

4.  People are building artificial beaver dams in drought-stricken Montana  


Yale Universities Climate Connections
View In: Beavers
They’re hoping that the new dams will eventually attract real beavers. The post People are building artificial beaver dams in drought-stricken Montana appeared first on Yale Climate Connections.

5.  Jakob Shockey, founder of the Beaver Coalition Speaks with Dr. Bret Weinstein  

For millions of years, beavers have covered the northern hemisphere, building dams, slowing water, trapping topsoil, creating vast fertile wetlands, replenishing aquifers, reducing floods, providing fire breaks, increasing evaporation, literally teraforming, and changing the climate. While industrial agriculture squanders topsoil, beavers support a sustainable ecosystem.

6.  Why beavers matter as the planet heats up  

Beavers are a brilliant at building dams, slowing water, moisturizing the soils, creating moist fire breaks and reducing temperatures. Sadly historically that often conflicts with human constructions.


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