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1.  Climate Disinformation Database  


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In DeSmog’s Climate Disinformation Database, you can browse our extensive research on the individuals and organizations that have helped to delay and distract the public and our elected leaders from taking needed action to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and fight global warming.

2.  Carbon Capture Isn't Real  

As I suspected Carbon Capture is a scam. He explains why. It is really very simple. Via at @breadandcircuses@climatejustice.social.

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3.  GreenComp The European sustainability competence framework  


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The development of a European sustainability competence framework is one of the policy actions set out in the European Green Deal as a catalyst to promote learning on environmental sustainability in the European Union. GreenComp identifies a set of sustainability competences to feed into education programmes to help learners develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote ways to think, plan and act with empathy, responsibility, and care for our planet and for public health. This work began with a literature review and drew on several consultations with experts and stakeholders working in the field of sustainability education and lifelong learning. The results presented in this report form a framework for learning for environmental sustainability that can be applied in any learning context. The report shares working definitions of sustainability and learning for environmental sustainability that forms the basis for the framework to build consensus and bridge the gap between experts and other stakeholders. GreenComp comprises four interrelated competence areas: ‘embodying sustainability values’, ‘embracing complexity in sustainability’, ‘envisioning sustainable futures’ and ‘acting for sustainability’. Each area comprises three competences that are interlinked and equally important. GreenComp is designed to be a non-prescriptive reference for learning schemes fostering sustainability as a competence.

4.  Climate change: what is ocean acidification?  

As carbon emissions change the chemistry of the seas, ocean acidification threatens marine life and human livelihoods. How worried should you be about climate change’s so-called “evil twin”?

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5.  In Brazil, Forests Returned to Indigenous Hands See Recovery, Study Finds  


Yale E360
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Granted formal rights to their ancestral lands in Brazil's Atlantic Forest, Indigenous people have stemmed forest loss and improved tree cover, a new study finds. Read more on E360 →

6.  New Wind and Solar Are Cheaper Than the Costs to Operate All But One Coal-Fired Power Plant in the United States  


Inside Climate News
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A coal-fired plant near Gillette, Wyoming stands alone in the nation on one measure of economic viability—a positive distinction for that plant, but a damning one for coal-fired electricity in general. Dry Fork Station, with generating capacity of 405 megawatts, is the only coal plant in the countr...

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