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Climate Reparations

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15 recommended articles and videos in the "Climate Reparations" category.
1.  US fails to give money promised for developing countries to ease climate impacts  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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Spending bill passed by Senate includes less than $1bn in climate assistance for poorer nations even though Biden promised $11.4bnThe US has risked alienating developing countries hit hardest by the climate crisis, after Congress delivered just a fraction of the money promised by Joe Biden to help poore...

2.  Guest post: ‘Fair’ climate-finance flows should be at least $250bn per year  


Carbon Brief
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Global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions must be roughly halved by 2030 to get the world... The post Guest post: ‘Fair’ climate-finance flows should be at least $250bn per year appeared first on Carbon Brief.

3.  Oil Companies Have Plundered Louisiana's Coast. They Owe Us Reparations.  


In These Times
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Native and Black communities suffering the most from coastal damage need reparations for past abuse while we fight for systemic change.

4.  What Climate Debt Does the North Owe the South?  


Counter Punch
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What Climate Debt Does the North Owe the South?

From the onset of the Industrial Revolution until today, humanity has used up approximately 83 percent of its “carbon budget”

With just below 20 percent of the world population, the Global North has overconsumed 70 percent of the historic carbon budget


Via: @Snoro@mastodon.social

5.  Rich Countries Have an Historic Responsibility to Help Global South Transition to Post-Fossil-Fuel Future  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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Richer countries haven't met their $100 billion promise to help poorer countries move beyond fossil fuels. Where's the money going to come from?

6.  Who Will Pay for an Overheating Earth  


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Unlike the northern powers largely responsible for the greenhouse gases that created this growing set of disasters, as Stan and Priti Gulati Cox explain, the countries of the Global South can’t afford to pay for what’s happening to them. The post Who Will Pay for an Overheating Earth appeared first o...

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