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Socio-Economic Impacts

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1.  SoCalGas said its natural gas was 'renewable.' Now, it's paying penalties.  


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More than 95 percent of the gas the utility delivers to customers is derived from fossil fuels. Via: @Snoro@mastodon.social

2.  How US mayors are creating a just energy transition - C40 Cities  


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Notably, cities are taking action to ensure that the funding incorporates the goals of creating a new green economy, which delivers well-paid green jobs in construction and includes historically marginalised communities in a more sustainable and equitable future. They are leading in retrofitting homes and buildings, installing rooftop solar, electrifying transit and personal vehicles, and adopting smart land-use policies

Via: @Snoro@mastodon.social

3.  Globally unequal effect of extreme heat on economic growth  


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Heatwaves, brought on by human-caused climate change, cost the global economy an estimated $16tn over a 21-year period from the 1990s; Results of a study published by academics at Dartmouth last year.

4.  How climate activists are forcing systems change through the courts |  

Climate activists are winning major court victories. And variations on the strategy are spreading rapidly. For the first time I have hope for the future. Via @therightarticle@mas.to

5.  The Supreme Court just unleashed a flood of lawsuits against Big Oil  


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Climate court cases are about to get a lot more interesting.

6.  Supreme Court Declines to Hear Appeals From Fossil Fuel Companies in Climate Change Lawsuits  


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WASHINGTON—The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear five appeals from the fossil fuel industry seeking to move climate change lawsuits it faces to the federal courts. The decision opens the door for Baltimore and other cities, states and counties to pursue their claims for damages from climate-relate...

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