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Climate Finance

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1.  Here’s how to repay developing nations for colonialism – and fight the climate crisis | Michael Franczak and Olúfẹ́mi O Táíwò  


The Guardian
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The IMF allots voting rights and emergency funds according to an outdated and unfair quota system established in 1944, before most colonies were free. Let’s change itActivists pushing for global reparations for colonialism and slavery are often accused of asking for the politically impossible. At th...
2.  Public Pension Funds Are Massive Investors in Fossil Fuels  


Jacobin Magazine
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California’s two biggest pension funds have invested a staggering $43 billion in fossil fuel companies, and their opposition to divesting from the industry — including fighting legislation that would have stopped them investing in firms involved with the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) ...
3.  We Need the Fossil Free Finance Act Now to Combat Wall Street’s Greenwashing  


Truth Out
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Major U.S. banks committed to net zero emissions by 2050, but they continue to support the fossil fuel industry.
4.  Climate justice through divestment  


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n recent years, a growing movement to achieve climate justice has connected the root cause of climate change not just with greenhouse gases but also with a more entrenched, insidious foe: capitalism. The United States supports a system that allows a few corporations and people to earn money off climat...
5.  Big numbers – dollars and institutions – behind divestments from fossil fuels  


Yale Universities Climate Connections
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Experts voice pro and con attitudes about fossil fuel divestments. But what they don’t debate are the big numbers of dollars and investors in the mix. The post Big numbers – dollars and institutions – behind divestments from fossil fuels appeared first on Yale Climate Connections.
6.  Insuring — And Ensuring — The Apocalypse  


The Daily Poster
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Regulators are taking aim at how insurance companies are helping to fuel the climate crisis.