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Arctic Ice

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30 recommended articles and videos in the "Arctic Ice" category.
1.  Glacier Comparison on Svalbard, Climate Change | Christian Åslund Photography  


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This comparison of #glaciers on #Svalbard is often posted without attribution. It’s from a whole series comparing photos taken by the Norwegian Polar Institute in 1928 and by Christian #Åslund, a Stockholm-based #photographer, in 2002. See the others here: -wrote @davidho@mastodon.world

2.  Report: A hotter, wetter Arctic spells trouble for everyone  


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The planet's “refrigerator” is breaking, scientists warn.

3.  Climate Crisis Is Profoundly Disrupting Conditions in the Arctic, New Study Says  


Truth Out
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The Arctic is getting rainier and seasons are shifting, with broad consequences for people, ecosystems and wildlife.

4.  Refreeze the Arctic  


Counter Punch
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Refreezing the Arctic sounds like a crazed impossible idea, but a knowledgeable group of scientists believe it has the potential to be the best most efficient quickest way to reduce manifold risks of a climate system that’s already in shaky condition. For eons the world’s biggest reflector of incomin...

5.  Top 10 polar photobooks  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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From Stefan Christman’s absorbing studies of emperor penguins to Sebastião Salgado’s stunning images of unpeopled wilderness, these are richly rewarding voyages for armchair explorersAs a former biologist turned natural history film-maker, I’ve been lucky enough to visit the polar regions – both th...

6.  Melting point: could ‘cloud brightening’ slow the thawing of the Arctic?  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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The climate emergency is prompting some scientists to suggest extreme measures. But whether you call it geoengineering or biomimicry, others feel interfering with nature will have too high a costLike the apocryphal frog that doesn’t notice the rising water temperature until it’s boiled alive, we as ...

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