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Global Ice

Articles about Ice the arctic, and rising sea levels.

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1.  Greenland’s marine ecosystem is experiencing a radical ‘regime change'  


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Greenland’s marine ecosystem is experiencing a radical ‘regime change’

Warming seas and dwindling sea ice are bringing new species to Arctic waters

But with Greenland reaching its highest temperatures in the past 1,000 years, the scene is changing. Arctic sea ice, which is responsible for maintaining cool polar temperatures, is dwindling rapidly. The oldest and thickest of it has declined by 95 percent during three decades of global warming

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2.  Greenland’s marine ecosystem is experiencing a radical ‘regime change’  


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Warming seas and dwindling sea ice are bringing new species to Arctic waters, a potentially irreversible tipping point for the ecosystem.

3.  This Arctic US Air Base Has Its Eyes on Russia. But Climate is a Bigger Threat  


Inside Climate News
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THULE AIR BASE, Greenland—On the last Saturday in September, ice had already begun to spread across the Arctic waters at the dock, closing the port for months to come. The temperature was 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Snow swept across the airport runway, with 15-mph winds cloaking the base in a heavy laye...

4.  Beavers Are Reshaping the Arctic Tundra. Here's Why Scientists Are Concerned  


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Ponds made by the large rodents are causing permafrost to thaw, releasing methane and carbon dioxide once stored in the frozen Earth

5.  Big Heat Hits Antarctica  


Counter Punch
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A recent report out of West Antarctica is rattling scientists. It’s all about heat, big-time heat, encroaching upon the world’s biggest chunk of ice that locks down a couple hundred feet of sea level rise. This kind of news is enough to raise the hackles of smart well-informed people, as excessive CO...

6.  Ominous News From Deep Beneath Doomsday Glacier  


Common Dreams
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The Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica—the so-called "Doomsday Glacier"—is in the news again. We are fascinated with it because it is the Godzilla of glaciers, 80 miles across and as massive as Florida. If the ice sheet holding it back were to melt, and if Thwaites plopped into the ocean, it would all b...

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