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Wars caused by CLimate Change

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1.  Central Asia's 'Water Wars' Are Heating Up  


Zero Hedge News
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Central Asia's 'Water Wars' Are Heating Up Authored by The Jamestown Foundation via OilPrice.com, Access to water has been a point of conflict in Central Asia for years. Environmental changes have raised temperatures in Central Asia faster than the global average. While the upstream Kyrgyzstani...

2.  The Water Wars Are Coming  

The world faces a looming water crisis, and it's getting worse every year. With a number of large cities facing Day Zero, and just a handful of heavily contested water sources providing freshwater for millions of people, the possibility of water wars is very real. In this episode we'll look at the current state of water insecurity and speculate about the future of water-based conflicts, including whether they will replace those fought over oil. Every cow requires 17 million liters of water!

3.  Sabotage and Civil Disobedience in France: The Fight Against Mega-Basins and Water Grabbing  


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And now the water wars are starting within countries. Sainte-Soline, France – Nearly 7,000 people gathered in the town of Sainte-Soline on Saturday, Oct. 29 and invaded a mega-basin development site to stop construction on the large water reserve despite a ban on protests and an unprecedented police presence.

5.  Scientist Mike Mann’s must-read book, ‘The New Climate War’  


Yale Universities Climate Connections
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The New Climate War: the fight to take back our planet is the latest must-read book by leading climate change scientist and communicator Michael Mann of Penn State University. Published January 12, 2021, The New Climate War describes how outright […]

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