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66 recommended articles and videos in the "Transportation" category.
2.  A City Built Around Bicycles?  

Utrecht, in the Netherlands, won the Fully Charged city award for best transition away from gas cars and towards bicycles. Big improvement in quality of life. 15 minutes. Via @poostain@aus.social

3.  Nissan LEAF: Gas Powered Everything commercial  

We are so used to thinking that cars should be gas powered. This video helps us break down that stereotype. Via @petergleick@fediscience.org

4.  Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.  


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As of January 2023, 37 curated links about electric cars.

5.  Peak travel hit by peak weather pain as holidays arrive  


Yale Universities Climate Connections
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Unusually mild weather expected to return in 2022’s final week. The post Peak travel hit by peak weather pain as holidays arrive appeared first on Yale Climate Connections.

6.  European Airlines Must Remove Qatari Jet Fuel From Supply Chains  


Stay Grounded
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Amidst worldwide scrutiny of Qatar’s poor human rights record during the football World Cup, a Stay Grounded briefing paper exposes European airlines’ deep financial connections to Qatar and other jet fuel exporting countries that still criminalise homosexuality, alongside other human rights violation...

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