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Heat and Drought

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1.  Featured: Lake Mead Drought Update!!! What's Going On?!!!  

Video evidence of how fast Lake Meade is shrinking, going all the way back to 2000. Produced by people who drive pick up trucks to pull their power boats. Of course not a word about climate change, not even in the comments. In the middle they get sidetracked by rescuing a stranded truck. Maybe skip that part.

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2.  Featured: Why the worst drought in 1200 years happened ... and will get worse  

As the average temperature rises, evaporation increased by 42%. Combine that with naturally increased drought, and we have disaster looming. 6 minutes. A bit technical. By @CC_Yale. Via @GNDNewsleter.

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3.  After Comeback, Southern Iraq’s Marshes Are Now Drying Up  


Yale E360
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After recovering from Saddam Hussein’s campaign to drain them, Iraq’s Mesopotamian Marshes are disappearing as a regional drought enters its fourth year and upstream dams cut off water flows. Marsh Arabs, resident for millennia, are leaving, and biodiversity is collapsing. Read more on E360 →

4.  Alpine ski resorts struggle amid snow shortage – in pictures  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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Ski resorts in the Alps are grappling with unseasonably warm weather as a result of global warming. A lack of snow has caused many to closeRecord warm winter in parts of Europe forces closure of ski slopes Continue reading...

5.  Oxford Study Warns Extreme Heat and Drought to Hit 90% of World Population  


Common Dreams
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As interlinked extreme heat and drought events grow in intensity and frequency amid the ruling class' ongoing failure to adequately slash planet-heating fossil fuel pollution, over 90% of the global population is projected to suffer the consequences in the coming decades, according to peer-reviewed researc...

6.  ‘Absolute madness’: Record-shattering heat dome hits Europe  


The Real News Network
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It's “the most extreme event ever seen in European climatology,” said one climatologist. “Nothing stands close to this.“

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