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Financial Capitalism

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6 recommended articles and videos in the "Financial Capitalism" category.
1.  The 40-Year Robbing of Rural America  


In These Times
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Since the 1980s, says Professor Marc Edelman, financial capital has developed imaginative new ways to seize assets from small towns and rural areas.

2.  Why the Elites in the Global South Favour Indebtedness, How Creditors Have Eroded National Sovereignty, and How States are Beginning to Fight Back  


Counter Punch
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In their book, Sovereign Debt Diplomacies: Rethinking Sovereign Debt from Colonial Empires to Hegemony, Pierre Pénet and Juan Flores Zendejas are correct in saying that it is essential to understand why the economic elites of the former Third World nations eventually accepted conservative policies fo...

3.  China Forgives 23 Loans for 17 African Countries, Expands ‘Win-Win’ Trade and Infrastructure Projects  


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China is forgiving 23 interest-free loans for 17 African countries, after already cancelling $3.4 billion and restructuring $15 billion of debt from 2000-2019. Beijing pledged more infrastructure projects and offered favorable trade deals in a “win-win” model of “mutually beneficial cooperation.”

4.  The Third-World Debt Crisis Reveals the Rot at the Heart of the Global Economy  


Jacobin Magazine
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When the global economy grows, the poorest countries benefit the most. In times of crisis, however, they suffer more than any others. Arguably, this has never been more the case than now. A decade of already lackluster growth in emerging markets (except for China and India) is concluding in the wors...

5.  On Western Financial Capitalism: Decline of Dollar, Sanctions War, Imperialism, Financial Parasitism  

We are in the middle of a global economic war between western financial capitalism, and the rest of the world (which includes American workers). This 1.5 hour video is the best explanation of what is going on, helped along by his defining and distinguishing financial capitalism, from industrial capitalism.

6.  Economist Michael Hudson on decline of dollar, sanctions war, imperialism, financial parasitism  


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Economist Michael Hudson discusses the decline of the US dollar, the sanctions war on Russia, his concept of “free-trade imperialism,” and financial parasitism. The post Economist Michael Hudson on decline of dollar, sanctions war, imperialism, financial parasitism appeared first on Multipolarista.

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