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Socialism Vs Capitalism

People before profits.

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1.  ‘The Oil Machine’: How grand eco-narratives obstruct change  

The environmental movement has it wrong. Replacing carbon extraction with extracting materials for renewable energy will not save us. Only dramatic reductions in the energy consumption of the most affluent will save us from ecological disasters. @hamishcampbell@mastodon.social

2.  #22 US Transportation System “Fuels” Inequality  


Project Censored
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The federal government disburses four times as much money for roadways as for public transit, a long-standing imbalance that has deprived the nation’s poorest of basic mobility for decades, Basav… The post #22 US Transportation System “Fuels” Inequality appeared first on Project Censored.

3.  In Deep Red South Dakota and Nebraska, Voters Used Ballot Initiatives To Curb Inequality  


Counter Punch
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This fall, in the lead-up to the midterm elections, a group of Catholic nuns, Protestant ministers, and other faith leaders caravanned around South Dakota on what they called a “Love Your Neighbor Tour.” They stopped in grocery stores, diners, senior centers, libraries, and other community gatherin...

4.  Austerity Doesn’t Work  

A very clear video representation of the feed back effects of government policies. The studies say that of every $1.00 spent, 0.90 gets respent. Via @JeremyCorbyn@Twitter.com

5.  Euthanizing The Poor Is Just Capitalism’s True Face: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix  


Caitlin Johnstone
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Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ We’re at the most dangerous point in humanity’s abusive relationship with US unipolar domination, for the same reason the most dangerous point in a battered wife’s life is right when she’s trying to escape. The empire is […]

6.  Ballot Initiatives Targeting Inequality Won Big on Election Day  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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Voters nationwide—in blue states and red alike—approved hiking taxes on the wealthy, raising wages, helping build union power for workers.

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