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All about this year's COP.

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1.  COP26: lest we forget  


The Ecologist
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COP26: lest we forget Channel Other brendan 12th January 2022 Teaser Media

2.  UN Climate Agreement Is Reached, But Crucial Issues Remain Unresolved  


Yale E360
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The Glasgow climate conference reached a successful conclusion on Saturday, with almost 200 nations signing up unanimously to the Glasgow Climate Pact. The diplomatic success was palpable, but climatically the outcome was more ambiguous, with no new moves in the final hours to bridge the gap betwee...

3.  Lessons from COP26  


The Ecologist
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Lessons from COP26 Channel News brendan 3rd December 2021 Teaser Media

4.  Why COP26 Flopped  


In These Times
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Western observers want to blame India for the failure of the UN climate talks. Not so fast.

5.  Climate Action Pretense At COP26  


Popular Resistance
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The 26th Conference of the Parties, COP26, climate summit ended with its president fighting back tears. Alok Sharma came to Glasgow, Scotland hoping for an agreement to end the extraction of coal. Instead he said this, “I apologize for the way this process has unfolded. I am deeply sorry.” The internationa...

6.  2.4 Degrees Is A Disaster – But COP Won’t Stop It  


Popular Resistance
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Regardless of the outcome of COP26, one inevitability is that the rich and powerful celebrate whatever the conference produces as vital progress. Only a disaster on the level of COP15 in Copenhagen might put a stop to the self-congratulatory triumphalism. Already, though, most observing the negotiation...

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