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Climate History

Climate change deniers will say the climate is always changing. Here is what they do not tell you.

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1.  The Climate Cheetah  

David Wasdell uses an Apollo-Gaia parable to explain how climate modelling can lead to results that are completely misleading.

2.  Investigating hydroclimatic impacts of the 168–158 BCE volcanic quartet and their relevance to the Nile River basin and Egyptian history  


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When 4 volcanoes erupted during the Ptolemaic era (305–30 BCE), it lowered farming productivity in ancient Egypt, possibly causing intermittent political and social unrest in the form of (sometimes widespread) revolts against the Ptolemaic elites. A bit technical, but important information

3.  On the abuse (and proper use) of climate models  


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I talk with researcher Erica Thompson about her new book, “Escape from Model Land: How Mathematical Models Can Lead Us Astray and What We Can Do About It.” She explain how models are often misused, how we can make better use of them, and how her critiques apply to climate models.

4.  Exxon’s early climate models were creepily accurate, new study finds  


Exxon Knews
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The first peer-reviewed analysis of an oil company’s climate research shows Exxon’s projections were spot on — and that management disregarded its own scientists’ findings.

5.  It’s worse than we are told: Why science communication is conservative  

Scientists have a very high evidence level required to prove climate change, and the carbon lobby attacks their results whenever possible. The IPCC and research funding is very politically controlled, and the models ignore important phenomenon. It starts with the interviewer explaining how activism cures climate depression.

6.  Revealed: Exxon made ‘breathtakingly’ accurate climate predictions in 1970s and 80s  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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Oil company drove some of the leading science of the era only to publicly dismiss global heatingThe oil giant Exxon privately “predicted global warming correctly and skilfully” only to then spend decades publicly rubbishing such science in order to protect its core business, new research has found....

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