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Climate Change And investors

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1.  As the World Floods and Burns, It's Time to Hold Wall Street to Account  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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This fall, we’re calling for a wave of escalated actions on the banks, insurers, and investors funding the climate crisis.

2.  Will Big Oil and major banks face another reckoning from investors this year?  


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A new season of shareholder climate demands has begun. Here’s what’s coming.

3.  Our Universities’ Investments in Fossil Fuels Are Unethical — and Illegal  


Truth Out
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Our schools are complicit in the climate crisis. They must divest.

4.  Students Say Yale, Stanford and MIT’s Fossil Fuel Investments Are Illegal  


Truth Out
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Novel legal strategy argues that top schools including Princeton are legally obliged to put the public interest first.

5.  Divestment campaigns — and reinvestment efforts — gain strength as climate change intensifies  


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The global motion to sell off fossil fuel assets has picked up major speed this year.

6.  Fossil Fuel Investments Are Burning California Pensioners  


The Daily Poster
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California’s top investment funds have resisted divestment and funneled big money into fossil fuel firms like those behind Dakota Access — costing public workers billions.

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