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Carbon Lobby

Articles about the Oil and Gas industry as it relates to climate change.

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1.  The surprising player in the rail strike fight: Fossil fuel companies  


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The collaboration between coal, oil, and railroads goes back decades.

2.  Oil Industry Lobbying Group Funded “Dark Money” Ads for Conservative Democrats  


Truth Out
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American Petroleum Institute's tax filings reveal millions spent on ads for Henry Cuellar, Kyrsten Sinema and others.

3.  Oxfam Slams Big Oil For Non-Transparent Tax Practices  


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Oxfam, a global charity, has taken aim at three supermajors’ tax practices, stating the lack of transparency puts poorer countries at a disadvantage.

4.  BP declines to reveal how much ‘loophole’ saved it in windfall tax  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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MPs hear concerns that investment in North Sea oil and gas reduces the tax, effectively rewarding fossil fuels over renewables BP declined to reveal how much windfall tax it would have paid without an investment “loophole” when being questioned by MPs on Tuesday, while fellow energy group SSE raise...

5.  Fossil fuel industry dupes media, quietly funds non-profits to block renewable energy  


Popular Information
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Shortly after he took office, President Biden announced a goal of building 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind by 2030, enough clean energy to power 10 million homes. For the administration, the offshore wind target was a part of a larger strategy of reducing carbon pollution and putting the country o...

6.  How the Fossil Fuel Industry Buys Goodwill  


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From the world’s biggest soccer championship to soccer training for kids, from major universities to music festivals and art galleries to — if you can name it, fossil fuel companies have probably sponsored it. TotalEnergies will sponsor the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. Aramco has partnered with Spain’...