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Carbon Lobby

Articles about the Oil and Gas industry as it relates to climate change.

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1.  Chevron More Than Doubled Its Profits Last Year as Gas Prices Squeezed Wallets  


Truth Out
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The profits report comes just two days after Chevron announced it’s tripling its stock buyback budget to $75 billion.

2.  BP Faces Backlash Over Plans to Spend Much More on Fossil Fuels Than Green Energy  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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BP has worked hard—and spent big—to craft a public image as a forward-looking, environment-conscious oil and gas company that's committed to a sustainable future.But its actions tell an entirely different story.The Guardian reported Tuesday that the London-based fossil fuel giant has earmarked up t...

3.  BP criticised over plan to spend billions more on fossil fuels than green energy  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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Company’s oil and gas investments for 2023 will be as much as double those on renewablesBP has been accused of prioritising fossil fuels over green energy as it plans to spend as much as double the amount on oil and gas projects than on renewable investments next year.The FTSE 100 company has earmarke...

4.  Shell Persists with Effort to Explore for Oil Off South Africa’s Wild Coast  


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17. Shell Persists with Effort to Explore for Oil Off South Africa’s Wild Coast

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5.  The surprising player in the rail strike fight: Fossil fuel companies  


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The collaboration between coal, oil, and railroads goes back decades.

6.  Oil Industry Lobbying Group Funded “Dark Money” Ads for Conservative Democrats  


Truth Out
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American Petroleum Institute's tax filings reveal millions spent on ads for Henry Cuellar, Kyrsten Sinema and others.

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