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Amazon Unions: How to Win

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1.  🎧 LEVER TIME: Amazon And Starbucks Finally Feel The Heat  


The Daily Poster
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On this week’s Lever Time: David examines Joe Biden’s recent rhetoric concerning democracy, exposes the dark side of Biden’s student debt policy, and dives into Amazon and Starbucks workers’ Labor Day march.

2.  ‘Great day for labor’: NLRB rejects Amazon attempt to overturn union win  


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“This was an outrageous union-busting campaign by Amazon and we're demanding the company come to the table to bargain,” said an attorney for the Amazon Labor Union.

3.  How Amazon and Starbucks Workers Are Upending the Organizing Rules  


In These Times
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Workers are leading. Unions should support them or get out of the way.

4.  Want to Win a Union at Work? Here’s What the Amazon Labor Union Can Teach Us.  


Truth Out
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The ALU shows that it's still possible to win historic union elections, even under current federal labor rules.

5.  We’re Organizing Unions at Amazon and Starbucks. We Won’t Back Down.  


Jacobin Magazine
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Supporters of organized labor have long regarded megacorporations like Amazon and Starbucks as key sites of struggle. Workers in Amazon warehouses and Starbucks coffeehouses help millions of customers every day and bring in billions of dollars in revenue for their companies every year. But while worker...

6.  The Amazon Labor Union Victory Shows That Jurisdiction Is Dead  


In These Times
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No more arguing over territory or industries—we need multi-union coalitions capable of organizing on a national scale.

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