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Articles about labor and unions in the US.

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1.  Amazon Labor Union & Chris Smalls: Sadly, Many Red Flags  


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Organizing is really hard and requires a gargantuan effort to meet people where they are, which needs a ton of hands and structure for the country's 2nd largest employer. Where are the bodies for ALU?

2.  Now More than Ever, the Working Class Needs Independent, Democratic Unions - Left Voice  


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Recently, discussions about unionization have become a national conversation. New workplaces are unionizing and the question of how to ensure their democratic functioning is the order of the day. Via @IndLeftNews.

3.  Amazon Promotes Ex-Private Prison Exec to Run Warehouse Training  


Big by Matt Stoller
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Meet executive Dayna Howard, who is in charge of “learning and development for warehouse employees.”

4.  'We Are Coming for You!': Teamsters Union Rallies Outside Amazon Headquarters  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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“Amazon should be afraid—the Teamsters are here standing shoulder-to-shoulder with so many communities demanding change,” the union's president said at the Seattle rally.

6.  I’m a railroad worker. Don’t listen to corporations’ attempts to demonize us.  


The Real News Network
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Railroad workers are the ones fighting to save what’s left of the supply chain from corporate greed. If you stand with us, we can win.