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Amazon Unions

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72 recommended articles and videos in the "Amazon Unions" category.
1.  Amazon’s $62M Wage Theft Gets Brief Media Mention, While ‘Fare Evasion’ Stories Stir Media Frenzy  


The Real News Network
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You can tell a lot about who curates media and what they care about based on how the news covers the “crimes” of the poor in comparison to the crimes of the rich.

2.  Amazon Labor Union & Chris Smalls: Sadly, Many Red Flags  


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Organizing is really hard and requires a gargantuan effort to meet people where they are, which needs a ton of hands and structure for the country's 2nd largest employer. Where are the bodies for ALU?

3.  Amazon Promotes Ex-Private Prison Exec to Run Warehouse Training  


Big by Matt Stoller
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Meet executive Dayna Howard, who is in charge of “learning and development for warehouse employees.”

4.  'We Are Coming for You!': Teamsters Union Rallies Outside Amazon Headquarters  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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“Amazon should be afraid—the Teamsters are here standing shoulder-to-shoulder with so many communities demanding change,” the union's president said at the Seattle rally.

6.  NLRB rejects Amazon’s objections to ALU Staten Island election win  


World Socialist Web Site
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Even when all legal objections to the ALU’s election victory are overcome, the company can delay for years signing a first contract.

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