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Amazon Union Busting

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17 recommended articles and videos in the "Amazon Union Busting" category.
1.  Amazon Promotes Ex-Private Prison Exec to Run Warehouse Training  


Big by Matt Stoller
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Meet executive Dayna Howard, who is in charge of “learning and development for warehouse employees.”

2.  NLRB rejects Amazon’s objections to ALU Staten Island election win  


World Socialist Web Site
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Even when all legal objections to the ALU’s election victory are overcome, the company can delay for years signing a first contract.

3.  Amazon fires another organizer to allegedly stop Kentucky facilities unionizing  


The Real News Network
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Former Amazon worker Matt Littrell says management began targeting him for his involvement in a growing push to unionize Amazon facilities in Kentucky.

4.  US Labor Fights Back Against Amazon’s Expansion Into Healthcare  


Popular Resistance
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On July 21, Amazon announced that the corporation would buy One Medical, a national chain of healthcare clinics and services based in San Francisco, for $3.9 million. In response, unions and labor organizations marched in San Francisco’s Financial District against the deal on July 26. The march was attende...

5.  Amazon Joins The Medicare Privatization Spree  


Popular Resistance
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Amazon, the $1.25 trillion company founded and led by Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, has announced that it is acquiring One Medical, a private equity-backed primary care provider that generates over half of its revenue from Medicare. While Amazon’s profits from its core consumer retail business are dwindling...

6.  How Amazon, Starbucks, and Other Companies Fight UnionsYou as a...  


Robert Reich
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How Amazon, Starbucks, and Other Companies Fight UnionsYou as a worker have a legal right to join a union, but there are many ways big corporations are skirting the law to stop you from getting your fair share. You could be working for a union-buster and not even know it.Here are four of the bigges...

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