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Amazon UK Unions

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1.  UK Amazon workers speak on wildcat walkouts and rank-and-file committees  


World Socialist Web Site
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Walkouts at Amazon fulfilment centres are continuing, protesting the company’s refusal to budge from a 35-50 pence an hour pay rise (3 percent) with inflation already close to 12 percent.

2.  Walkouts at Grangemouth oil refinery and Amazon as UK strike wave escalates  


World Socialist Web Site
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A general offensive against the employers and the Conservative government is developing, despite all efforts by the trade unions to keep separate a growing number of official strikes. It is being propelled by a cost-of-living crisis that is hurling millions of working people into a social catastrophe.

3.  UK Amazon walkouts continue: Build rank-and-file committees  


World Socialist Web Site
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Amazon worker have proved in the last week that powerful action can be taken by the rank and file. But to succeed, they must develop their own organisations and leadership: rank-and-file committees of workers operating independently of the unions in every warehouse and depot, across all roles and tiers.

4.  Strikes Spread Across Amazon UK Warehouses  


Popular Resistance
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On August 3, over 700 workers at the Amazon facility in Tilbury, Essex downed tools and launched a protest in the warehouse cafeteria against a pay offer of a mere 0.35 ($0.42) increase per hour. The offer would amount to an increase of 3%, at a time when inflation in the UK is projected to rise to 13%...

5.  Wildcat walkouts over pay at UK Amazon warehouses  


World Socialist Web Site
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Workers at Tilbury, Coventry, Rugeley and Bristol have given a hint of the enormous power of Amazon’s workforce, 75,000 strong in the UK and 1.5 million globally, on which the company’s vast operations and shareholder fortunes depend.

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