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Tipping Points

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1.  Featured: 'Tipping points' in Earth's system triggered rapid climate change 55 million years ago, research shows  


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'Tipping points' in Earth's system triggered rapid climate change 55 million years ago, research shows

Scientists have uncovered a fascinating new insight into what caused one of the most rapid and dramatic instances of climate change in the history of the Earth.

Via: @Snoro@mastodon.social

2.  Featured: How Close Are We to a Climate Change Tipping Point?  

On the left, the head of the Potsdam Institute of Climatology tells us exactly the current state of the world. In the middle the head of the IPCC does not add much, but makes a few good points. You can skip him. And I quite skipped the opening NYT reporters comments.

3.  Featured: The scariest climate science paper I've ever read?  

At 1 degree centigrade of temperature rise, we can trigger 4 climate tipping points, at 1.5 degrees they are certain to trigger, and another 5 tipping points could also happen. Once they take over, we are powerless to stop them. Quite terrifying. Please wake up world!

4.  Featured: Sir David King on GHG and the Arctic Tipping Point  

The arctic has already passed the tipping point. The temperature is up by 3 degrees, the ice is melting, the albedo effect is stronger, the clathrate gun is releasing methane. Via @PaulHBeckwith

5.  Featured: The world may have already crossed 5 climate tipping points  


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A new study finds that 1.5 degrees of warming would cause irreversible changes.

6.  World Risks Tipping Points Warns British Naturalist David Attenborough  

If we hit the tipping points, agriculture will collapse, and with it the rest of civilization. He believes that there is still time to act.


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