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Solar Power

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1.  In Scramble for Clean Energy, Europe Is Turning to North Africa  


Yale E360
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In its quest for green energy, Europe is looking to North Africa, where vast solar and wind farms are proliferating and plans call for submarine cables that will carry electricity as far as Britain. But this rush for clean power is raising serious environmental concerns. Read more on E360 →

2.  California Regulators Approve Reduced Solar Compensation for Homeowners  


Inside Climate News
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California utility regulators on Thursday unanimously approved long-anticipated changes to how the state compensates homeowners with renewable energy installations, reducing financial incentives for the electricity generated from solar on customer’s rooftops.  The vote came after more than three hour...

3.  France’s plan for solar panels on all car parks is just the start of an urban renewable revolution  


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Creating a more diverse energy supply, much of which is directly connected to the very cars or homes consuming that power, makes a lot of sense.

4.  German firm builds floating solar plant on quarry lake  

This has the dual benefits of not using agricultural land, and reducing water evaporation. But where will I go sailing? Via @Scheer_post@Twitter.com. India is also covering its irrigation canals with solar panels.

5.  Did the Ukraine War Kill ‘Natural Gas?’  


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Although the Ukraine War has been good for petroleum and fossil gas prices and sales in the short term, future historians may see it as the nail in the coffin of hydrocarbons. The post Did the Ukraine War Kill ‘Natural Gas?’ appeared first on scheerpost.com.

6.  Schools are harnessing solar power in record numbers  


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Solar arrays offer cost savings and educational opportunities.

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