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1.  Data on donors dispels the GOP's claims about identifying with 'working class' voters  


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A new analysis is dispelling the Republican Party's claims to justify the mediocre small-dollar donations it received during the latest election cycle. The Daily Beast's Roger Sollenberger noted that Republicans have been quick to insist inflation is to blame for the problem. “It’s gas or this donation...

2.  'Off to Mexico again?' Critics brutally mock Ted Cruz following Texas snowstorm forecast  


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On November 22 and 23, meteorologists forecast heavy snow for the Texas Panhandle — including, according to some projections, up to two feet in Amarillo. And some Twitter users, upon hearing the forecast, used the snowstorm to mock and ridicule Sen. Ted Cruz.In February 2021, Texas suffered unusuall...

3.  'You don’t care': Twitter bulldozes Ted Cruz for defending guns while 'praying' for Club Q victims  


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It took less than eighteen hours for United States Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to politicize Saturday night's mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where a twenty-two-year-old man armed with an “AR-15-style rifle” murdered five people and injured eighteen others before being subdued b...

4.  Conservative Candidates Take Note – DeSantis Dominated In Florida For These Reasons  


Zero Hedge News
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Conservative Candidates Take Note – DeSantis Dominated In Florida For These Reasons Many Republicans are experiencing a bittersweet election week with some impressive wins, but not the “red wave” that they were hoping for.  With a Congressional majority looking like a certainty and the Senate up in th...

6.  Here’s where MAGA election deniers failed and prevailed in the midterms: report  


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In the days before the 2022 midterm elections, anti-MAGA pundits ranging from MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan to “Real Time” host Bill Maher had a dire warning: If enough election deniers and “Stop the Steal” conspiracy theorists prevail on Tuesday, November 8, they will attempt a coup in the 2024 presidential election...

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