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5 recommended articles and videos in the "DeSantis" category.
1.  Conservative Candidates Take Note – DeSantis Dominated In Florida For These Reasons  


Zero Hedge News
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Conservative Candidates Take Note – DeSantis Dominated In Florida For These Reasons Many Republicans are experiencing a bittersweet election week with some impressive wins, but not the “red wave” that they were hoping for.  With a Congressional majority looking like a certainty and the Senate up in th...

2.  'Makes Me Physically Ill': Footage Shows DeSantis' Election Police Force in Action  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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“This is an incredible look at the gulf between the voter fraud rhetoric of politicians and reality. Instead of scheming fraudsters, you've got confused people being rounded up by police because they trusted the system.”

3.  'A unique threat to democracy': New analysis details the danger of DeSantis’ 'increasingly aggressive gambits'  


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A new analysis is expressing concern about the rise of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and how his influence could become increasingly problematic in the coming months. “The Florida governor’s increasingly aggressive gambits make some wonder if he’s headed for a fall,” Politico's Michael Kruse wrote. “Hi...

4.  The climate idiocy of Ron DeSantis  


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Florida's governor is spending $1 billion to shield his constituents from a crisis he's actively trying to make worse.

5.  'Goes beyond ignorance' Historians slam DeSantis' claims about American slavery  


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Multiple historians have accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) of misconstruing facts due to his recent controversial remarks about early American history. According to a new analysis from Newsweek, DeSantis' seemingly controversial remarks were made on Tuesday, September 20. At the time, he argued tha...

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