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Proxy War Weapons

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16 recommended articles and videos in the "Proxy War Weapons" category.
1.  Nigeria's President Says West-Supplied Weapons In Ukraine Are 'Filtering' Into Africa  


Zero Hedge News
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Nigeria's President Says West-Supplied Weapons In Ukraine Are 'Filtering' Into Africa The Nigerian government says that foreign-supplied weapons transferred from the West to the Ukrainian government have begun to proliferate in the west African region. The illegal arms have begun to “filter” to the region...

2.  Finnish Law Enforcement: Arms Sent to Ukraine Ending Up in Hands of Criminals  


Antiwar dot com
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Finland’s national law enforcement agency, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), has warned that weapons being shipped to Ukraine are ending up in the hands of criminal gangs. The Finnish broadcaster YLE reported Sunday that a preliminary investigation conducted by the NBI found that criminal...

3.  German Government delivers air defence system to Kiev  


World Socialist Web Site
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The traffic light coalition is supporting the escalation of the NATO proxy war against Russia in Ukraine with further arms deliveries to Kiev and a reinforcement of its own war offensive.

4.  German Chancellor Scholz announces new arms deliveries to Kiev for war against Russia  


World Socialist Web Site
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Half a year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine provoked by the imperialist powers, they continue to escalate the NATO proxy war – even though this raises the danger of a third world war.

5.  A Story in Pictures: All of the Weapons America Has Given Ukraine to Fight Russia  


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Days after the last security aid package to Ukraine, the White House has greenlighted yet another shipment of military aid to Kyiv. This is the 18th security aid package that the U.S. has committed to Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24. Worth $1 billion, the latest package include...

6.  The White House Will Approve New $1 Billion Weapons Transfer to Ukraine  


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The package likely includes long-range rockets and air defense ammunition.

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