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Things you need to know about privacy.

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1.  Edward Snowden Gives Simple Advice For Preserving Privacy  

Twitter's @rustyrockets does a beautiful editing job interviewing @Snowden. If the government required us to carry a tracking device, there would be an uproar, but we all do it voluntarily.

2021-05-01 PermaLink
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3.  Federal investigators say they used encrypted Signal messages to charge Oath Keepers leader  


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It's unclear how investigators gained access to the messages, but encryption has been a point of tension between law enforcement and tech for years.
4.  Mozilla Is Going to Track Facebook Tracking You  


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Mozilla's “Facebook Pixel Hunt” study will run until mid-July—and the company wants your help.
5.  This Private Equity Firm Is Amassing Companies That Collect Data on America’s Children  


The Markup
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Vista Equity Partners has been buying up software used in schools. Parents want to know what the companies do with kids’ data
6.  Congress Must Pass Federal Data Privacy Law to Protect Democracy  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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If policymakers don't learn from January 6, personal data-powered election interference will become the norm.