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Information Wars

Here we cover censorship, fake news, free speech and privacy.

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1.  How to talk to your relatives about Mastodon  


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Thanksgiving dinner offers us a space to have difficult conversations with loved ones. This year, the big question on everyone’s minds is “what is Mastodon?”

2.  A great cartoon about doing political organising on corporate web sites.  


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Imagine you can organize information with fellow travellers around the world, but you can only organize activism by sending your personal information to a corporation in a way that makes them rich.

4.  Whalebird  


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This client can change accounts. And these timelines are updated using streaming.

5.  Fedistar  


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Multi-column Mastodon and Pleroma client for desktop

6.  The many branches of the Fediverse  


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As more and more people are asking me about Mastodon I felt a need for a picture to point at, showcasing how the software known as Mastodon fits into the much larger concept of the Fediverse. I made this infographic to help myself and others explain the many different use-cases

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