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Population Growth

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1.  Featured: What REALLY causes Climate Change? Overpopulation VS Wealth 2  

If you believe what you hear, climate change can all be pinned on the wealthy or on overpopulation. But what's the evidence supporting these ideas? Are rich people really to blame, or is it all caused by people having too many babies. He breaks down what the data is showing us. Via @rahmstorf@fediscience.org. By @ClimateAdam@sciencemastodon.com

2.  India Overtakes China As World's Most Populous Nation  


Zero Hedge News
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India Overtakes China As World's Most Populous Nation At this point, what we have been speculating about for months looks to be official: India has already passed China as the world's most populous nation.  Citing estimates from the World Population Review, an independent organization focused on censu...

3.  The Global Push for Population Growth Shows We’re Not Grappling With the Climate Crisis  


Counter Punch
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In all of the news surrounding Vladimir Putin, it might have been easy to overlook that he had recently revived a Soviet-era policy called the “Mother Heroine” award, which goes to women who bear 10 or more children, offering financial incentives and other benefits in a bid to spur population growth...

4.  Why Capitalists Care About Our Record-Low Birth Rate  


Jacobin Magazine
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The United States is a particularly hostile environment for parenting. Workers face long hours, inadequate pay, unreliable health care, overpriced housing, paltry unpaid leave, and childcare that can eat a whole paycheck. As a result, the US birth rate is now at a record low of 1.64 children per woman...

5.  New Rule: Let the Population Collapse | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)  

Elon Musk, economists, social security, and banks require population growth, but that ignores finite resources. Already 1/4 of the global population is hungry. Nature and natural resources are vastly depleted. Of course he does not mention that it is the 1% who consume the most and generate most of the CO2.


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