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Pakistan Floods

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1.  Featured: Pakistan's Floods: A Glimpse of the Future  

A solid report on the 2022 floods in Pakistan. 1/3 of the country was flooded, and it is the 33rd largest country. 30 million people displaced out of a population of 231 million. 220 bridges destroyed. $10 billion in damages. 700,000 livestock killed.

2.  Featured: The Flood Seen From Space: Pakistan’s Apocalyptic Crisis  


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Flooding is not uncommon for Pakistan, but the current crisis is simply unprecedented.

3.  ‘God, come help us’: Pakistan families still hungry and homeless six months after floods  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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Forced to endure a ‘humiliating’ life in tent cities, waiting for stagnant waters to recede, villagers say they have been abandoned Several times a week, Manzoor Ali wakes with a faint hope in his heart and walks from the camp on the outskirts of Dadu, where he and his family have been living since September...

4.  Support for Pakistan has ebbed away – yet its deadly floodwaters have not | Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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Climate disasters continue to ravage our country – more international aid is urgently needed to save millions from miseryMuhammad Shehbaz Sharif is the prime minister of PakistanThe apocalyptic rains and floods that hit Pakistan last summer claimed 1,700 lives, left a swathe of territory the size o...

5.  Stunning Satellite Images of Our Changing Planet in 2022  


Yale E360
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Humans are reshaping the Earth in unprecedented ways, both by turning vast tracts of wilderness into farms and cities and by altering the global climate, fueling more intense fires, floods, heat, and drought. Scientists at NASA have captured the astounding breadth of humanity's impact in stunning satellit...

6.  A newborn held aloft in Pakistan sums up the sheer injustice of the climate crisis | Fatima Bhutto  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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My brother organised a medical camp after the summer’s deadly floods – a disaster caused by powerful nationsFatima Bhutto is an author of fiction and nonfictionWhat was the image on your phone that defined 2022?Writers give their perspectivesThis summer, intense monsoon rains combined with glacial mel...

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