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4 recommended articles and videos in the "Monsoons" category.
1.  Scientists Say Pakistan’s Extreme Rains Were Intensified by Global Warming  


Inside Climate News
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An international team of climate scientists reports that, even considering the large natural variability of the South Asian monsoon and gaps in climate data for the region, the most extreme rainfall that drove deadly flooding in Pakistan during August and September was intensified by human-caused globa...

2.  Guest post: How the south Asian monsoon is changing in a warming climate  


Carbon Brief
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In August, the world looked on aghast as torrential rains and flash flooding submerged vast... The post Guest post: How the south Asian monsoon is changing in a warming climate appeared first on Carbon Brief.

3.  Scientists unravel the origins of the Southwest’s monsoon  


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But just as their understanding of the phenomena becomes more clear, it’s starting to disappear.

4.  After Unprecedented Heatwaves, Monsoon Rains and the Worst Floods in Over a Century Devastate South Asia  


Inside Climate News
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KARACHI—Record breaking torrential downpours killed at least 14 people, inundated roads, caused long power outages and brought Pakistan’s largest metropolis to a standstill twice last month.  Earlier in July, the Indian central government declared flooding in the northeastern state of Assam a “sever...

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