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Methane is 84 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than C02

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1.  Featured: Siberia's sinkholes: What they may mean for climate  

A 5 minute overview of what is happening with Methane in the arctic. There is a big difference between generally knowing, and actually seeing the images. What will it be like in the next decade?

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2.  Featured: Massive Methane Hydrate Destabilization in the Past with Profound Implications for Today’s Climate  

This paper supports the Clathrate Gun hypothesis. The last time the glaciers melted, 126 thousand years ago, the fresh water slowed the Atlantic Meridional Overturning(AMOC) current, there was less arctic water near the equator, the continental shelf waters heated up and released lots of methane, as measured in ice cores, and confirmed by other measurements. The same thing is about to happen again. Greenland is melting, the AMOC is the weakest in 1200 years. Greenhouse gasses and temperatures keep rising. By @PaulHBeckwith@Twitter.com

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3.  Featured: US Permian Basin Leaking 14 Times More Methane Than EPA Estimates: Study  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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Applying this estimate to all gas gathering pipelines nationwide for illustrative purposes would increase the EPA inventory estimate for the entire natural gas system by 27%,noted co-authors of a new study.

4.  Scientists Probe Newly Discovered Methane Emissions from Glaciers  

Greenland's massive ice sheets are melting. Inquiring scientists want to know: How much methane comes ​from these retreating glaciers?

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5.  Biden administration proposes new rule targeting methane emissions on tribal lands  


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Wasted natural gas has quadrupled since 1990 – regulators hope to rein in that loss.

6.  Covid Lockdowns Helped Fuel a Methane Surge, Study Finds  


Yale E360
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When pandemic-related lockdowns grounded planes and brought car traffic to a near standstill in early 2020, transport emissions plummeted, leading to a drop in levels of a short-lived gas that scrubs methane from the atmosphere. The slump in traffic helped fuel a spike in methane, a new study finds.Rea...

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