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Medicare and Big business

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1.  'Enough Is Enough': Outrage as Big Pharma Celebrates 2022 by Hiking Prices on 442 Drugs  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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“Patients are counting on Congress and the Biden administration to deliver drug pricing reforms immediately in this new year.”
2.  Health Care’s Rotating Villain  


The Daily Poster
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Drugmakers, insurers, and hospitals pass the blame to each other, while working together to protect their lucrative scam.
3.  Controversial Alzheimer’s Drug Behind About Half of Medicare’s Yearly Price Bump  


Truth Out
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Aduhelm, approved by the FDA in June despite much pushback, is expected to be a huge burden on the health care system.
4.  Owners of Hospital Conglomerate Made Billions as Health Care Workers Lacked PPE  


Truth Out
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The largest for-profit hospital conglomerate in the U.S. has made billions for its biggest shareholders during COVID.