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1.  We are setting the stage for a tragedy of history and we’re obligated to resist.  

The US is overturning the rules established in the Nuremberg trials. You have a responsibility to defy unlawful orders. We are purging people who refused to follow bad orders. And also no medical experiments on people without informed consent. By @BretWeinstein

2022-04-24 PermaLink
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2.  WHO study reveals high excess mortality in Germany during the pandemic  


World Socialist Web Site
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The actual death toll resulting from the German government’s coronavirus policies is much higher than its official statistics show. This is proven by the latest study by the World Health Organisation on excess mortality in the first two years of the pandemic.

3.  Millions of Americans facing 'uniquely horrific' spike in health insurance costs unless Congress acts  


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Millions of people across the United States who purchase health coverage on the Affordable Care Act exchanges could soon see their premiums soar if Congress doesn't extend subsidy programs that Democratic lawmakers enacted as part of their response to the coronavirus pandemic.The nonprofit group Familie...

4.  How Wall Street Is Taking Over Medicare  


The Daily Poster
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Biden’s expansion of a new, insidious form of for-profit Medicare is benefitting private equity firms and well-connected health care giants.

5.  Overview Video of mRNA Vaccine Technology:  


Who is Robert Malone
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Watch now (27 min) | Fundamentals of Mechanisms and Risks, New Research on the Efficacy of the Vaccines

6.  Adenoviral Vector Redux  


Modern Discontent
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A look at why blood clots may be so prevalent with adenoviral vector COVID vaccines.