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6 recommended articles and videos in the "Major Organization feeds" category.
1.  Taiwan and the Virtues of Ambiguity  


Counter Punch
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When I visited Taiwan in the early 2000s, I was struck by how politically vibrant the country was: the accessibility of the leadership, the intensity of the civil society, the diversity of the culture. How far the county had come from its authoritarian roots! At that time, it was not uncommon for analyst...

2.  Schumer Lets Aide Kill Key Drug Price Reforms  


The Daily Poster
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The decision comes as Schumer is now the Senate’s #2 recipient of pharmaceutical industry campaign cash.

3.  The Schumer Family Business  


The Daily Poster
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Here’s a double feature of scoops exposing Democrats’ bait and switch on private equity policy — and a blatant conflict of interest.

4.  Chuck Schumer’s Family Is Getting Nice Work on Wall Street  


Jacobin Magazine
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The world’s largest private equity firm hired Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) son-in-law as a lobbyist around the time Schumer announced a deal that would have marginally limited a tax loophole enriching private equity moguls, before reportedly dropping the planned tax altogether. The hir...

6.  'Unbreakable Solidarity': Kellogg's Workers Reject Contract That Would Leave New Employees Out of Benefits  


Common Dreams
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“We're not willing to sell our souls for our future employees that are going to work side by side with us but not get the same pay or benefits.”

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