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Individuals Banned From Twitter



1.  Why the Suburbs Are Terrible for Us (and the Planet)  

I look at why the suburbs are so terrible for people and the planet. Specifically, I look at the racist history of the suburbs in the United States in order to understand how the suburbs came about. The suburbs have a dark history of white supremacy and settler colonialism that suburbanites still wrestle with today. Suburban design, a result of white flight and fear of the perceived ills of the city, locked in a way of living and a way of moving about the landscape that is incompatible with the environment. The suburban lifestyle is not sustainable, both in terms of our well-being and our planet.

2022-08-14 PermaLink
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2.  Disobedience  

DISOBEDIENCE from DisobedientProductions on Vimeo.

Civil Disobedience success stories from around the world. The successes in Seattle, and in Germany are particularly relevant to western viewers. From 2017. By @DisobedienceMov. Via @Mashable. More at watchdisobedience.com.

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3.  Blackrock's Aladdin: The Most Powerful Robot in the World (that will soon own everything)  

This history of blackrock, and the software which enabled it to quickly become the world's largest asset company. They have now become part of the federal reserve, a fourth branch of government. They are also deeply in bed with the Chinese government. By @PulseGains.

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4.  Why Are Democrats Funding The Far Right?  

First he documents Democrats funding far right candidates, then he explains why they do it, and how the process is organically increasing fascism in the US. Beautiful graphics, a crystal clear analysis and a most important topic. Only 16 minutes. By @_SecondThought. Via @FaithSlayer202.

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5.  Powerless By @jesse_jett Graphics By @STFUshitlib  

A protest music video. Great graphics, super lyrics, but I am a bit hesitating to recomend it. Do you like this genre? Can you recommend other videos in this genre?

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6.  Already in 1958 Scientists Knew about Climate Change  

They were even asking what would happen when the gulf stream shifted, as it is now doing.

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