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Global Forests

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18 recommended articles and videos in the "Global Forests" category.
1.  Sacred Groves: How the Spiritual Connection Helps Protect Nature  


Yale E360
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From Ethiopia’s highlands to Siberia to the Australian rainforest, there are thousands of sacred forests that have survived thanks to traditional religious and spiritual beliefs. Experts say these places, many now under threat, have ecological importance and must be saved.Read more on E360 →

2.  Open letter from scientists to world leaders: Stop using bioenergy from forests to generate electricity  


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“The best thing for the climate and biodiversity is to leave forests standing—and biomass energy does the opposite.”

3.  'Degraded' Tropical Forests Surprisingly Rich in Wildlife, Study Finds  


Yale E360
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Though much thinner than old-growth woodlands, logged tropical forests in Borneo are more abundant in plant and animal life, according to a new study that argues against converting such “degraded” forests to oil palm plantations. Read more on E360 →

4.  EU agrees to ban products linked to deforestation  


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The new rules will impose strict checks on imported goods, from coffee to chocolate to beef.

5.  The world’s healthiest forests are on Indigenous land. Here’s why.  


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A new report finds Indigenous land rights are key to preserving biodiversity.

6.  Deforestation Declining, but Too Slow to Meet Climate Goals  


Yale E360
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Global deforestation dropped by just 6.3 percent in 2021, leaving the world off track from its goals of ending forest loss by 2030 and limiting warming to 1.5 degrees C, according to a new report.Read more on E360 →

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