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Insurance and Loan Cancellations

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1.  Q&A: The Activist Investor Who Shook Up the Board at ExxonMobil, on How—or if—it Changed the Company  


Inside Climate News
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A year ago this month, a small hedge fund won an unlikely victory against ExxonMobil, gaining support from a majority of the company’s shareholders to replace three of its directors, against management’s wishes. The fund, called Engine No. 1, had argued that Exxon was failing to plan for a transitio...

2.  TD And Bank Of America: Stop Funding Climate Destruction  


Popular Resistance
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Banks that fund fossil fuel operations are just as guilty as the fossil fuel companies themselves: that was the message delivered to TD Bank and Bank of America at their branch locations in downtown Northampton, MA, on Saturday morning. Protesters demanded that the two banks “stop the money pipeline...

3.  US Taxpayers Are Spending Billions on Crop Insurance Premiums to Prop Up Farmers on Frequently Flooded, Unproductive Land  


Inside Climate News
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The vast Mississippi River watershed contains famously fertile soil, making the cropland of the American Midwest some of the most valuable and productive in the world. The watershed is also projected to flood more frequently and intensely as the climate warms, meaning more of that prized farmland wil...

4.  YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Major Insurer To Drop Fossil Fuels  


The Daily Poster
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Also: The Biden administration will not appeal a court decision blocking its oil and gas lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico, and progressives stick it to the fossil fuel industry in Texas primary elections

5.  'Major Step Forward': AIG to Stop Insuring Coal, Tar Sands, and Arctic Drilling  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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“Organizing works,” said one advocacy group. “Now, all insurers must stop supporting fossil fuel expansion.“

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