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Climate Change and the Military

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2.  New Report Details How Vast Military Spending By the Richest Countries Greatly Accelerates Climate Crisis  


CovertAction Magazine
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So why do climate justice groups like 350.org support the war in Ukraine? While the world’s climate negotiators gathered for the COP27 summit in Egypt, a new report published by the Transnational Institute, a Dutch think tank, emphasizes how rising global military spending is a great threat to effort...

3.  Veterans Arrested at Protest Condemning US Military's Role in Climate Crisis  


Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
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“We need to be reducing U.S. militarism and redirecting that money towards climate solutions,” said one veteran who took part in the demonstration.

4.  The US Military is Driving Environmental Collapse Across the Planet  


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The U.S. military emits more carbon than 140 countries combined, fueling climate change and environmental degradation. Below we examine five ways in which the Pentagon is destroying the environment.

5.  Is super-polluting Pentagon’s climate plan just ‘military-grade greenwash’?  


The Guardian
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While we're on the subject of the obscene, insane, and unconscionable US war budget —

— we also should remember that the US military is the single biggest *polluter* in the world.

From the Guardian:

A 2019 report found that the Department of Defense is not only the largest consumer of energy in the US, but is also the world's largest institutional consumer of petroleum and, thus, the world's largest institutional emitter of greenhouse gases.

Via: @breadandcircuses@climatejustice.social

6.  Guam sues United States Air Force to stop dangerous chemical waste burnings  


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On a recent Saturday, Monaeka Flores made the drive from her apartment to her family’s land on the north coast of Guam, the U.S. island territory about 1,500 miles south of Japan. As she steered through a gap in a limestone cliff, the land fell away to her right. A lush tropical forest sloped down t...

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