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Canadian Forests

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1.  Historic wildfire season raises questions about tree planting methods | CBC Radio  


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John Innes, the Forest Renewal B.C. chair in forest management, lays some of the blame on timber production. He said a lot of tree planting is done with the goal of achieving a grand, fully stocked stand of trees that are useful for the forest industry.

"Unfortunately, that is absolutely what fires love," said the University of British Columbia professor. "So the fires have been ripping through these stands and we've got a serious problem as a result."

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2.  Cherishing Perfect and Imperfect Days  


Sustain What
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A brief missive on appreciating the good, and hard, in every day as another busy week unfolds As the epic heat dome ebbs over the central United States but Texas and Louisiana poach, as Canada’s off-charts fires continue to rage and a hurricane forecast has Florida’s upper Gulf Coast (hopefully) puttin...

3.  Canada’s reputation as a tourist destination is at risk due to extreme weather - Vigour Times  


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Wildfires have ravaged parts of Canada this summer, posing a significant challenge to the country's tourism industry as it attempts to recover from pandemic-related restrictions. The fires, which have occurred in various provinces throughout the year, have forced residents to evacuate and disrupted businesses during the peak summer travel season. While the primary concern...

4.  Climate crisis made spate of Canada wildfires twice as likely, scientists find  


Climate crisis | The Guardian
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Burning of fossil fuels made fires at least twice as likely, and the fire-prone weather at least 20% more intense, study showsThe conditions that caused Canada’s extreme spate of wildfires this year, which resulted in parts of the US and Canada to be blanketed in toxic smoke, were made at least twic...

5.  Canada's Northwest Territories declare a state of emergency as more than 230 wildfires rage  


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The 2023 wildfire season is the most destructive in Canada's recorded history

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6.  Why can't Canada just put the fires out? Here are 5 answers to key questions  


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Why can't Canada just put the fires out? Here are 5 answers to key questions

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and almost half of that is forest," Barber said. "A lot of that forest is remote, untouched wilderness, and it's very difficult to manage wildfire in those areas where there is no road access or any of the infrastructure needed to support firefighting activity

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