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Atmospheric Rivers

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2.  Atmospheric Rivers Triggered Collapse of Antarctic Peninsula Ice Shelves Larsen A and Larsen B  

A new paper shows that near term sea level rise will be significantly higher than any of the current climate change models predict. First the atmospheric rivers hit California, then they hit British Columbia and now as the blogger @PaulBeckwith predicted , they are hitting the poles. They carry tremendous warmth, and melt the ice very fast. The current climate change models do not take this into account, so sea level rise will be much worse than expected.

3.  Scientists warn climate change could unleash 'Rivers' in the Sky  


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We know that the climate crisis is already having a profound effect on global weather systems, altering temperatures, rainfall, wind patterns, and more – and a new study predicts likely deluges over the mountainous parts of East Asia in the future. The pouring rain will be brought on by atmospher

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